Benefits of Taking a Balanced Diet

It has always been said that you are what you eat. In a world full of food varieties, it will be very wrong for me, and indeed anyone to choose for you what to eat and drink. Eat and drink what you like, but make sure that your diet is balanced and that you take the number of calories that your body can use every day. A balanced diet is one that consists of all the classes of foods in the right proportions. You need it to live your life to the fullest. Here are a few benefits of taking a balanced diet.

Healthy living

balanced foodPerhaps the most important benefit of eating a balanced diet is living a healthy life. If you take a balanced diet, you are likely to be in the pink of health throughout your life. This is because your body does not lack any essential nutrient or vitamin. The body needs carbohydrates for energy production. It also needs proteins for growth, repair of worn out tissues and regulation of the various functions of body cells.

Fats are required for energy production when carbohydrates are depleted. They also provide insulation to the body against extreme coldness and provision of essential fatty acids like linolenic acid. It is clear that the lack of any of these food types is not good for the body. However, when the body gets each of these food substances, each of its organs is in proper working conditions, and body cells function properly. The body is ever prepared to fight disease-causing germs. Indeed, a balanced meal a day keeps the doctor away.

Better growth and development

When you are healthy, everything else falls into its right place. You grow and develop mentally and physically. Diseases don’t hamper your growth. Every food you take performs its function in the body. Indeed, if you are to grow properly, you need to take wholegrain cereals, lean meat, and milk. These are my examples. Choose yours from the list of your favorite foods, sticking to the food classes required for a balanced diet. Don’t forget fruits and vegetables.

Better performance at school and work

Your body requires the necessary nutrients to function well at school and work. A malnourished child cannot do well in school. He or she either lacks the energy to concentrate in class or is unwell. His or her brain may also not have developed properly. Life is full of problems for such a child. As an adult, you need energy to toil and moil every day and put food on the table. This is not easy if you don’t watch what you diet


Everyone wishes that they were fairer than they are today. People with rough skin want to make it softer and tenderer. Old people want to appear younger. That is why we have witnessed people going for cosmetic surgeries to accentuate their God-given looks. They forget that the secret to beauty is taking a balanced diet. With a balanced diet, everything is in its rightful place and condition. Your skin never ages and your beauty dazzles everyone that sees it.