Tips for Growing a Successful Online Business

The globalization agenda and internet of things are here with us, and there is no doubt that the future of businesses is online. It is not a surprise that there are several rising online entrepreneurs today. If you want to be an online entrepreneur, here are a few tips for growing a successful online business.

Consider the Ps of Success in Business

successful business tipsThere are the famous five Ps of success for any business. They are Product, Positioning, Pricing, Promotion, and Packaging. You can add more to this list of you wish- Publicity, Pass-along, and Permission. These Ps explain the basics of starting a business from scratch and running it successfully to resource maturity. Today, I will add one more P to this list, the Purple Cow. As you identify your product, decide what price to quote for it and promote it to the public, you need to be unique. Don’t bring the black, white or brown cow that people are tired of seeing in the market. Bring a purple cow. One that they will see for the first time.

Create a Website that Works

The importance of the Ps of success in business cannot be overemphasized. However, there are specific tactics that work for online businesses alone. They all revolve around how the business website is designed and how well it replaces the brick-and-mortar shop offline. Therefore, once you get your Ps right, create a website that executes your business plan effectively. Your website will be your business card. It will make strangers aware of your business. It should attempt to make these strangers your friends and customers to your business. It should convince people to believe in your story.

Get People to Your Website

Once your business website is up and running, get as much traffic to it as possible. When it comes to online business, you need to take people to your business website before you can sell anything to them. Therefore, work your way towards enhancing your website’s visibility to the online audience. You can use both search engine optimization and search engine marketing tactics to get people to your website.

Simplify the Purchase Process on the Website

It beats logic to make strangers your friends and customers to your online business only for them to be bogged down with the navigation on your business website. You need to make navigation on your website as easy as possible. Precisely, there should be clear lines that visitors to the website follow. For example, any click on a link on the website should take visitors to the other pages that you would like them to go to. Customers should find it easy to provide their contact information for further communications later. More importantly, they should find it easy to click on various products and buy them. After the purchase, it should be easy for them to share their experience on the website with their friends and relatives.

Don’t Lose Focus

If your business website is doing more than turning strangers into long-term buyers, you are losing focus. You are wasting money and time on it. Regain your focus and concentrate on getting people to your site and converting them into buyers.…