Our People

Limahl was founded by a group of people who have assembled and gathered so that they can achieve their vision. Their vision is a world that is filled with people who have access to knowledge at any place and at any time. In order to achieve this vision, this group of people has made it a mission in their life to make this website accessible to the masses.

Limahl is a platform for everyone. It is a place where people can go to learn new things. It is a site where people can browse to find out more about the newest trends and current events.

We are a group of writers that have dedicated our time and all our resources to make this website great. We try our best to produce quality content for everyone to read and enjoy so that they can learn a new fact or a new trick.

Our slogan for this website is ‘Knowledge is power,’ and we believe it with all of our hearts. We hope that with the knowledge that we post can empower you and empower others too. We believe that by sharing knowledge, everyone has the power to do great things in life.